Accu LiPo Performa CAR 6600-4S 14.8V 5mm 120C

Accu LiPo Performa CAR 6600-4S 14.8V 5mm 120C
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Developed for 1/8 Buggy racing, the Performa Graphene Lipo is the ultimate choice for large tracks or high grip tracks, where running time is the key. The Performa Graphene series of LiPo batteries push the limits of battery technology by utilizing carbon in the structure of the cells. With the addition of graphene, the battery has improved attributes such as higher energy density, lower internal resistance, higher discharge rates, and a longer life cycle.

Technische Details

Kapazität: 6600mAh
Ladung Maximalstrom: 5C
Höhe: 48mm
Breite: 47mm
Länge: 138mm
Gewicht: 560g
Zellen / Spannung: 4S - 14.8V
Typ: Hardcase
Typ: Lipo