SPEKTRUM Telemetry Sensor JetCat Turbine Aktion

SPEKTRUM Telemetry Sensor JetCat Turbine
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  • Displays key turbine data including Turbine RPM, Turbine temperature, Throttle %, ECU Pack and Pump Voltage, and ECU status
  • Easy installation and use. Simply Plug in Jetcat sensor to ECU and TR1000 telemetry module
  • User defined vibration and/or tone warnings alerts users if an issue with the turbine occurs in flight


The Spektrum™ SPMA9584 Aircraft Telemetry JetCat sensor is compatible with the Spektrum TM1000 Telemetry Module X-BUS expansion port.

Type: SPMA9584 Aircraft Telemetry JetCat Sensor
Measures: Throttle position, pack voltage, pump voltage, EGT, RPM, OFF condition
Operational Voltage: 3.5 to 9.6 volts
Dimensions: 28mm x 16mm x 7mm
Weight: Circuit board - 4 gram
Calibration: No user calibration required
Units: Metric or English units

6-inch X-BUS extension