Spektrum Telemetry Kapazitätsensor Accu (EC3)

Spektrum Telemetry Kapazitätsensor Accu (EC3)
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The Spektrum Aircraft Telemetry Flight Pack Energy Sensor is designed to measure Capacity Used, Current, and Temperature of your flight pack. With this information you’ll be able to determine how much capacity has been used by your electric power system all the while monitoring the results through the telemetry settings in your telemetry compatible Spektrum transmitter. Pre-wired with a EC3 power connector the Flight Pack Energy Sensor also allows you to monitor the temperature of the battery while in use. With its light weight design and simple installation you’ll be flying with confidence in your aircrafts power system.

Key Features

  • Measure mAh (coulombs) - Monitors the level of mAh used in a single flight pack battery
  • Compact Design - Small footprint allows for virtually unlimited applications
  • Easy Set Up - No calibration or programming of the unit itself is required
  • EC3 Connectors - Uses standard EC3 battery connectors to easily connect between the battery and ESC