ZVEZDA IL 76MD 1:144 Kit Plastik

ZVEZDA IL 76MD 1:144 Kit Plastik
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Il-76 – the main military transport aircraft of the USSR and Russia, having made the first flight in 1971, it still has not lost its importance and undergoes constantly
a modernizing process. It has obtained more than 20 world records for load capacity and speed. The IL-76 is the standard plane of the Russian Airborne Forces and is capable of dropping the entire range of airborne vehicles and more than 100 paratroopers. EW systems installed on board are hardly inferior to those on modern fighters. Armament consists of two 23-mm guns. The IL-76 is equipped with bombing equipment and, if necessary, can take up to 20 tons of various bombs on board. This transport plane is also used a lot for humanitarian aid worldwide, especially due to its high payload and the ability to operate from unpaved airfields. 

Teile : 207

Länge : 32.5cm


Modell: "KIT" Plastik (Info)

dazu benötigen Sie:


- Werkzeug

- Klebstoff

- Farben


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