AIRFIX Bf109E-4 Messerschmitt 1:72 Kit Plastik

AIRFIX Bf109E-4 Messerschmitt 1:72 Kit Plastik
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Scheme: Bf 109E-4 ‘Yellow 13’ 9./JG54 Hollande

When the diminutive Messerschmitt Bf109 entered service in February 1935, it was one of the most advanced aircraft in the world, clearly heralding the future of fighter design. Produced in greater quantities than any other fighter aircraft, the Bf109 served throughout WWII and was flown by many of the world’s most successful air aces.

Technische Details:

Dimensions 12.5 x 3.1 x 23.4
Scale 1:72
Skill 1
Flying Hours 1
Number of Parts 64
Dimensions (mm) L120 x W137
Age Suitability 8+


Modell: "KIT" Plastik (Info)

Bausatz incl. Bauanleitung und Abziehbild

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- Klebstoff
- Farben
- Werkzeug