HobbyBoss F5E Tiger II 1:72 Kit Plastik

HobbyBoss F5E Tiger II 1:72 Kit Plastik
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In 1970 Northrop won a competition for an improved International Fighter Aircraft (IFA) to replace the F-5A, with better air-to-air performance against aircraft like the Soviet MiG 21. The resultant aircraft, initially known as F-5A-21, subsequently became the F-5E.  The first F-5E flew on 11 August 1972.

Item Name   F-5E Tiger II Fighter
Item Type     Static Kit
Model Dimension     Length:205 mm   Wingspan: 115mm
Total Plastic Parts     80+
Camouflage Scheme     1.Brazilian Air Force
3.Swiss Air Force
Released Date     2011-09
More Features     The kit consists of over 80 parts,includes 4 clear parts


Modell: "KIT" Plastik (Info)

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- Werkzeug

- Klebstoff

- Farben


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