SpecialHobby D.H. 100 Vampire FB.6 1:72 Kit Plastik

SpecialHobby D.H. 100 Vampire FB.6 1:72 Kit Plastik
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DH.100 Vampire 6 'Pinocchio Nose'

The Vampire first generation jet aircraft was an extremely successful design which was operated by many air forces around the globe, and enjoyed quite a long career in Switzerland. The Swiss air force fitted their FB.6 Vampires with hot seats and later on also with a longer, pointed nose section which gave the plane its unofficial name Pinocchio...

The kit contains: three sprues joined by one clear sprue, sheet of decals and a set of resin underwing stores.

  • Finely detailed model, the very best 1/72 Vampire on the market
  • Decal sheet with four marking options
  • Eye-catching schemes, one of which is adorned with a huge shark mouth on its fuselage
  • Resin parts included


Modell: "KIT" Plastik (Info)

Bausatz incl. Bauanleitung und Abziehbild

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