RC Kit Serpent 811-T Cobra Truggy 1:8

RC Kit Serpent 811-T Cobra Truggy 1:8
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Serpent Cobra E-truggy in 1/8 scale 4wd Kit Version. Purpose designed electric race-truggy, in full race spec with carbon shocktowers, big bore shocks, dutable transmission, 3 gear-diffs, ultra low longtudinal placed batteries, front mounted motor, front mounted speedo , superb E-truggy Cobra body.

The Serpent Cobra e-truggy is the electric powered version of the very popular Cobra gaspowered Truggy. Serpent created the E-Buggy Cobra few years back, with the motor front mounted together with the speedo, receiver and servo, allowing the batteries to be mounted in longitudinal fashion in the center-back of the car, and as low as possible, one side each, to create a perfectly balanced car. This same design has not bene used also in the Truggy, just allowing more space for the motor in case a driver wants to mount the truggy size brushless motor.

- Long and narrow 7075 T6 aluminium chassis
- Carbon fibre shocktowers
- Big bore shocks
- 3 geardiffs with new type spiral shaped gear and pinion 10T - 43T
- Spring steel transmission parts
- Super durable suspension
- Front C-hubs combined with angled steering system
- Front mounted motor / speedo/ receiver unit
- Longtudinal placed battery pack holders / chassis stiffners
- Low and narrow E-truggy body design

Optionales Zubehör zum komplettieren benötigt:
- Sender und Empfänger
- Akku-Pack
- Brushless Motor und Regler
- Räder mit Felgen

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