RC Kit Serpent 811-BE Cobra Sport 1:8

RC Kit Serpent 811-BE Cobra Sport 1:8
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Modell: "KIT" (Info)

Cobra 811 Buggy Sport 1/8 ElectricPowered The Sport version of the successfull high end Serpent 1/8 Cobra 811 E-Buggy. 4-wheel-drive, 3 geardiffs, 16mm bigbore shocks, aluminium shocktowers and chassis, easy radiobox, sideguards, batteryboxes, rear wing. Fully upgradable with parts and options from the high end race-version. This super durable Buggy chassis allows a great entry in the racing scene, at a lower cost, and will make you finish your races !

Optionales Zubehör zum komplettieren benötigt:
- Sender und Empfänger
- Akku-Pack
- Brushless Motor und Regler
- Räder mit Felgen
- Karosserie

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