RC Kit Serpent S100 LTR pan-car 1:10

RC Kit Serpent S100 LTR pan-car 1:10
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Serpent 1/10 scale pancar S100 Link-Tube The 1/10 World GT version of the succesfull S120 1/12 scale pan-car in Link-Tube format. High performance 1/10 scale pan chassis, with nicely machined carbon fibre and aluminium parts. Superb fully adjustable front end creates loads of steering. Spring loaded Link system, in combination with diagonal positioned main shock and tubes left and right, control the roll of the car. Well balanced chassis offers wide selection of set-up features and options to dial the car in best for any track. No wheels/tyres, electronics or body included.

S100-LTR; key new specs
- Wider carbon chassis, versatile for different layouts
- steeringblocks with inserts
- unique friction free central pivot system
- Serpent light and long RCCX pancar shock
- pivotlink steering system
- servo position ( more layouts possible)
- redesigned rear podplate and lighter alu rear brackets
- lower center of gravity
- new Online PDF manual

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