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RC Flug Great Plans Nieuport XI 900mm GPMA1146 Holz

Artikel-Nr.: SIM-0306908
Lagerbestand: Lagerbestand Artikel an Lager
SFr. 179.00
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A favorite of Lafayette Escadrille 48!

  • Offers the most scale looks of any ElectriFly WWI ace to date for the least assembly time ever!
  • Prehinged control surfaces and molded details offer authenticity with ease!
  • Flies like a bigger plane, but fits backseats and small fields like a dream!

The Nieuport comes out of the box with finishing done and most hardware and accessories already installed. It's ready for first flights in just 4-6 hours.

Like many Nieuport details, the wing-mounted machine gun adds convincing detail and welcome ease. It’s molded in amazing detail, and mounts in predrilled holes with a few drops of CA.

The replica rotary engine hides the motor, requires only the time it takes to drive two screws. The cowl requires even less; magnets align it and hold it securely, yet release quickly and easily for pack changes.

Scale touches on the fuselage include an inspection plate and carb tubes. Cockpit coaming is already installed; other details to add include a factory-painted windshield as well as a painted pilot bust, complete to the material for a dashing scarf.

The tail skid appears to be lashed in place with rope, just as it was on the original. And there’s no vertical fin; the entire surface pivots for powerful rudder response.

Both aileron and elevator control surfaces are prehinged to slash assembly time.

The Nieuport is bound to impress, no matter where you look! Details include coaming and a windshield for the cockpit, a painted pilot figure complete with a jaunty fabric scarf, an authentically detailed Lewis gun on the top wing, replica rotary engine in the nose and a striking, 4-color MonoKote® trim scheme on every surface! With the Nieuport, "finishing" consists of applying a single decal!


Modell: "ARF" (Info)

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Technische Details

Wingspan: 36.5 in (900 mm)
Wing Area: 314 in² (20.3 dm²)
Weight: 21.9-23.1 oz (620-650 g)
Wing Loading: 10.0-10.6 oz/ft² (31-32 g/dm²)
Length: 28 in (710 mm)