RC Flug Seagull Extra 300EA L ARF 140cm

RC Flug Seagull Extra 300EA L ARF 140cm
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The EXTRA EA300L was
designed with the intermediate/advanced sport flyer in mind. It is a semi scale airplane which is easy
to fly and quick to assemble. The airframe is conventionally built using balsa, plywood to make it
stronger than the average ARTF , yet the design allows the aeroplane to be kept light. You will find
that most of the work has been done for you already.The motor mount has been fitted and the hinges
are pre-installed . Flying the EXTRA EA300L is simply a joy.


Modell: "ARF" (Info)

Technische Details

Wing span : 139.5cm

Wing area : 33.4sq dm

Weight : 3.0 kg

Length : 112.9 cm

Engine : 0.46 cu.in 2-stroke.  0.62 cu.in 4-stroke.

Electric conversion: optional