RC Flug Dream-Flight Alula-TREK 900mm EPO

RC Flug Dream-Flight Alula-TREK 900mm EPO
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The alula-TREK is the latest version of the the world's most popular bird-inspired RC glider. The ultra lightweight and packable airframe is perfect for travel and exploration, assembling in minutes without glue! Whether at a a coastal dune, mountain ridge, or your local park- the only limit is your soaring imagination. Spend less time building and more time outside flying, with the Dream-Flight alula-TREK.
*Our development goals for the Alula-TREK were very aggressive as we strive to extract the highest quality and level of performance from our materials. We have pushed the limits of manufacturing and material tolerances in an effort to create the most advanced Alula yet. As a result, we have a glider with a slightly broader weight range than what is printed on the manual and kit box (current weight specifications are shown below). This is the nature of product development and we do our best to project some of the finer details, but sometimes the target is a moving one. While the specifications have changed slightly for this preliminary production run, we are happy to share the quality and in-air performance of the Alula-TREK has not diminished 1%.

  • "ARG" Almost Ready to Glide - NO GLUE interlocking design uses rare earth magnets
  • Wide flight envelope navigates thermals with ease and can be ballasted to handle the gusts
  • Precision-molded EPO foam and composite parts ensure a lightweight and durable airframe
  • Wing retention system allows for quick break down and assembly at any location
  • Easy wingtip launching for both left and right-handed pilots
  • Designed to go where your spirit for adventure leads you!


WINGSPAN             900 mm (35.4 in)
WING AREA            16.71 dm2 (259 in2)
*WEIGHT                 156-184 gm (5.5-6.5 oz)
*WING LOADING     9.3-11 gm/dm2 (3.1-3.6 oz/ft2)
CONTROLS              2 Channels (elevons)
SKILL LEVEL           Everyone!
ASSEMBLY              Under an hour
FLIGHT STYLE         Nature-inspired light lift performer



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