RC Flug Seagull AT-6 ARF mit EZFW 160cm

RC Flug Seagull AT-6 ARF mit EZFW 160cm
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The AT-6 advanced trainer was one of the most widely used aircraft in history. Evolving from
the BC-1 basic combat trainer ordered in 1937, 15,495 Texans were built between 1938 and 1945.
The USAAF procured 10,057 AT-6’s, others went to the Navy as SNJ’s and to more than 30 Allied
nations. Most AAF fighter pilots trained in AT-6’s prior to graduation from flying school. Many of the
“Spitfire” and “Hurricane” pilots in the Battle of Britain trained in Canada in “Harvards,” the British
version of the AT-6. To comply with neutrality laws, U.S. built Harvards were flown north to the border
and were pushed across.
In 1948, Texans still in USAF service were redesignated as T-6’s when the AT, BT, and PT
aircraft designations were abandoned. To meet an urgent need for close air support of ground forces
in the Korean Conflict, T-6’s flew “mosquito missions” spotting enemy troops and guns and marking
them with smoke rockets for attack by fighter-bombers.
The new Seagull Models AT-6 Texan ARF is the perfect standoff scale 40 size sport ARF of
this classic design. Construction is of light ply and balsa built by expert craftsmen and covered in the
classic white, yellow and red color scheme, with a complete decal set. What really sets this AT-6
apart from others is it's prepainted fiberglass cowl, true to scale round fuselage and a completely
prefabricated and hand painted cockpit which includes two instrument panels and two pilots! All of
the hardware that you need can be found in the box also. Fuel tank, wheels, tail wheel assembly,
prebuilt pushrods and more. Even foam rubber to protect your receiver and battery pack is included.
We are sure that you'll agree this is the best built, and the best flying sport scale AT-6 ARF available


Modell: "ARF" (Info)

Technische Details

Wingspan : 158.5cm.

Wing area : 40.42dm2

Length : 128cm

Weight : 2.8- 3.5kg

Engine : 0.46-0.52cu.in 2-stroke. 0.72-0.82cu.in 4-stroke.