RC Flug Seagull Curtiss P-40N Warhawk matt Finish ARF

RC Flug Seagull Curtiss P-40N Warhawk matt Finish ARF
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Key Feature: Curtiss P-40 Warhawk Shark's Mouth

* High quality balsa and balsa plywood, these make light weight construction and with airfoiled tail surfaces        
* Accurate scale outline and appearance        
* Extremely lightweight, state-of-the-art all-wood construction        
* Plug-in wings make for easy assembly and disassembly, as well as easy transport to and from the flying field        
* Decal factory-installed flat-finish decals seen on real WWII-era P-40 Warhawk aircraft.        
* Highly detailed cockpit and Painted fiberglass cowl, exhaust ports, landing gear pods        
* Flies like a sport aerobatic model        
* Includes durable fixed retract landing gear.         
* Lightweight balsa-and-ply construction        
* High-quality prepainted fiberglass cowl and belly pan        
* Many scale details including Tiger Shark and Parrod head graphics, hand painted pilot figure, machine guns.        
* The factory-applied Oracover covering trim scheme does more than capture the accurate colors of the original P-40 Warhawk. Its flat finish         
helps this ARF stay true to the look of a combat-tested fighter.        
* Use the P-40's flaps to climb faster at takeoff — or to reduce speed and decrease the distance needed for landing.        
* The painted fiberglass cowl recreates the iconic "shark's mouth" design and "Parrod mouth". A scale spinner also comes standard included. 



Modell: "ARF" (Info)

Technische Details

Wingspan : 203.2 cm
Wing area : 70.6 sq.dm
Weight : 7.0-7.2 kg
Length : 161.5 cm
Engine : 33-38cc
Motor size : Power 160
Electric Power Conversion Optional