RC Flug Seagull Funky Cub rot ARF

RC Flug Seagull Funky Cub rot ARF
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Lightweight balsa/plywood construction.

Fuel Proof, Painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants.

 Designed for gasoline/glow engines or electric power.

Large, easy-access top hatch.

Comes with all hardware and accessories.

Genuine hand applied Oracover covering (Two colour schemes avilable).

Durable landing gear

Low minimim airspeed and Ultra-docile flying characteristics that

experienced and beginner pilots will enjoy.

Detachable windscreen for easy battery swapping.

Two-part wing for convenient transport and Factory-painted wing strus.

Trainer characteristics with great aerobatic performance.

Amazing and broad flight envelope is sure to satisfy beginners,

intermediate and even many expert pilots.


Modell: "ARF" (Info)

Technische Details

Wingspan : 180 cm
Wing area : 51.2 sq.dm
Weight : 3.7 kg
Length : 128 cm
Engine : 10cc - 15cc.
Electric conversion: Optional.