Servo HRC 68108MG 6V 8kg 0.16sec 41x20x40mm

Servo HRC 68108MG 6V 8kg 0.16sec 41x20x40mm
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Servo - Analog - 40.2x39.5x20.0mm / 52g - 8kg/cm - Metallzahnräder - Wasserdicht - Doppelt Kugelgelagert

Analog Servo - Double Ball Bearing - Metal Gear.

Our new High Quality 68108MG Analog Metal Gear servo has been especially designed for 1/10 On and Off Road cars and is able to provide you entire satisfaction in many other usages.

Metal Gear, Double Ball Bearings, Heavy Duty servo horns, Heavy Duty servo cable... so many items that cost usually the double of the HRC 68108MG price !

Technische Details

Voltage: 4.8 ~ 6.0 Volts
Signal type: Analog
Bearings: Double Ball Bearings
Gear: Metal Gear
Torque: 7.2kg/cm @ 4.8V // 8.0kg/cm @ 6.0V
Speed: 0.18s/60° @ 4.8V // 0.16s/60° @ 6.0V
Dimensions: 40.2 x 39.5 x 20mm
Weight: 52.0g
Servo arm: 25 splines
Case: Nylon Fiber
Cable: 300mm 22AWG Heavy Duty cable
Connector: UNI Plug