Lötstation 80W / 240V Fusion Pro RC

Lötstation 80W / 240V Fusion Pro RC
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Soldering Station The HRC Racing FUSION PRO soldering station is suitable for professional and frequent soldering work. With an output of 80 watts, the station heats the soldering tip to operating temperature in just a short time. As soon as the operating temperature is reached, an internal controller reduces the power and keeps the temperature constant. This function also protects the components of the soldering iron.

Replacement tips available:

HRC4092P-B1 0.2mm pointed tip

HRC4092P-20 4.0mm diameter tip

HRC4092P-B2 2.0mm diameter tip

HRC4092P-30 5.0mm flat tip

HRC4092P-B3 3.0mm diameter tip