Messer Präzision mit Alugriff medium

Messer Präzision mit Alugriff medium
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• Aluminium knurled handle with #2 blade
• For cutting, carving, sawing, gouging & medium duty work

Modelcraft Medium Duty Hobby Knife #2

Aluminium 125mm (5") knurled handle with #2 blade for cutting, carving, sawing & gouging and all medium duty work.

Knife Handles #2 & Blades

The Modelcraft collection offers a choice of #2 knives suitable for all crafters, hobbyists and professionals. These include, a medium duty hobby knife #2, a soft grip hobby knife #2 with magnetic end as well as a soft grip knife set with blades.

Knife handles are supported by 8 popular blades:

PKN2702 #2 (5) Large fine point blades
PKN2718 #18 (5) Chiselling blades
PKN2719 #19 (5) Angled chiselling blades
PKN2722 #22 (5) Large curved carving blades
PKN2724 #24 (5) Deburring blades
PKN2768 #68 (5) Stencil edge blades

These blades are compatible with other brands including X-ACTO ®, Proedge ® & etc.