Messer Set 16-teilig

Messer Set 16-teilig
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• Perfect for wood, cardboard, paper, plastic & light metal foils
• For craft, Hobby & smaller DIY tasks

Modelcraft 16 Pce Precision Craft Knife Set

This excellent set comes complete with a choice of 3 knife handles & 13 various blades, ideal for hobby, craft as well as professional tasks. The knives can perform fine angle cuts & precise trimming, cutting, carving, sawing, gouging & shaping. All packed in handy storage case.

The set includes:

Classic craft knife #1
Medium duty hobby knife #2
Plastic handled craft knife #5

Blades to fit the #1 handle & Blades to fit the #2 & #5 handle:

1x General purpose curved blade #10
2x Large fine point blade #2
2x Classic Fine point blades #11
1x Chiselling blade #18
1x Scoring blade #16
1x Angled chiselling blade #19
1 x Chiselling blade #17
1x Large curved carving blade #22
2x Deburring blades #24
1x Stencil edge blade #68

These blades are compatible with other brands including X-ACTO ®, Proedge ® & etc.