F104 Pneu Gummi soft heck (Eurocup) 2St

F104 Pneu Gummi soft heck (Eurocup) 2St
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These belted rear soft option tires for F104 chassis features superb grip in cold conditions and will help you achieve high running performance. When used in combination with the stock (item 51399) front tires, the car will have more steering to over steer characteristics.

  • These tires feature a soft compound which makes them perfect for cold winter tracks.
  • Compatible with item 51398 F104 Mesh Wheel Set for Rubber Tires.
  • Front tire x 2pcs. (Item 54198) Dimensions = Width: 30mm, Diameter: 64mm.
  • Rear tire x 2pcs. (Item 54199) Dimensions = Width: 35mm, Diameter: 64mm.
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