Traxxas Maxx High-Output LED light kit, complete

Traxxas Maxx High-Output LED light kit, complete
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High-Intensity LED Light Kit for Maxx Monster Trucks

Built Maxx® Tough!

The Traxxas Maxx redefines speed, durability and toughness with its innovative design and massively overbuilt chassis. Only Traxxas could design an LED light kit worthy of the Maxx’s extreme performance. Built to handle brutal real-world punishment, this light kit is waterproof and built Traxxas Tough™ for maximum fun. Blaze a path through the night with this intense-white high-output LED light kit.

Traxxas innovation delivers features and performance not found on any other lighting system. The included high voltage amplifier packs the muscle to efficiently power both high-power light bars in the kit while minimizing losses from excessive current and heat. The tightly regulated output provides stable lighting performance, without flickering or dimming as the battery voltage changes. The smart brake lights work when brakes are applied in both forward and reverse directions. This eliminates the common and annoying problem with generic aftermarket systems that turn on the brake lights while reversing.

Wiring is simple: Plug the main connector from the power amplifier into the power port on the Traxxas VXL-4s Electronic Speed Control, and then plug the individual lighting modules into the power amplifier. Switch between three manual lighting modes on the power amplifier (such as high beam and low beam), or use the Traxxas Link app and Wireless Module (#6511*) to control individual lights remotely and create custom lighting configurations. Of course, since it’s from Traxxas, this powerful, feature-rich system is rugged and fully waterproof for all of your exciting RC adventures.


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Der Kit beinhaltet:

• Hochspannungs-Leistungsverstärker
• 3 x 12 mm Halbrundschrauben (2)
• Vorderer Stoßfänger mit LED-Lichtleiste
• Hinterer Stoßfänger mit LED-Lichtleiste
• Kabelbinder (8)