Karosserie Landrover Defender D110 weiss News

Karosserie Landrover Defender D110 weiss
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sehr detailierte unlackierter Karosserie Bausatz des Defender D110

Body Details:


All four doors can be opened for realism

Front hood and rear door panel can be opened

Foldable sideview mirrors

Door cards

Window wipers

Floor panel

Center console

Door handles

Door steps

Gear stick

Hand brake

Steering wheel

Rearview mirror

Foot pedals

Seats are made of rubber for realism (Orange color)

Material: Hard Plastic ABS

Body fenders


Front grill

Scale light buckets



For: 1/10 Crawler

Unpainted Body

Material: Hard ABS Plastic



Overall Length: 523mm

Width: 213.5mm

Height: 174mm

Wheelbase: 334mm