Weasel Flightpack (2xServo/1xRxAccu/1xServokabel)

Weasel Flightpack (2xServo/1xRxAccu/1xServokabel)
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(2) 12g DMG Servos
(1) Rx Battery 4.8V NiMH 750mAh
(1) Battery Extension Wire

Note: Battery, servos, and extensions feature universal style connectors (fits Futaba/Hitec/JR/Spektrum)

12g DMG (Digital Metal Gear) Servo Specifications:

Weight: 12g
Maximum Torque (4.8V): 2.4 Kg cm
Size: 23 x 9 x 32mm
Speed: 0.12s for 60° (4.8V)

Rx Battery Specifications:

Voltage: 4.8V
Capacity: 750mAh
Weight: 59g
Size: 52 x 21 x 21mm
Charge: 250mA (automatic charger with NiMH mode recommended)