RC Flug Seagull Lancair Legacy ARF 180cm

RC Flug Seagull Lancair Legacy ARF 180cm
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* Made from lightweight Pilots add sports, scale detail.
* Fiberglass cowl/ wheel pants are made of top- quality, durable fiberglass.
* The attractive Tricycle retracts landing.
* Removable top fuselage hatch provide easy access.
* Pre- painted canopy adds an extra touch of class with two pilot figures, instrument panel and two seats.
* Scale color scheme factory applied with genuine Oracover.
* High quality balsa and very light plywood construction.
* Led lights installed and included.
* Shaped Tails surface.
* Quick and Easy assembly is breeze w/ the 2 piece wings.
* Comes with all hardware and accessories.


Modell: "RTF" (Info)

Technische Details

Wing area  39.6sq dm
Weight 4.4-4.8kg
Length 149.3cm
Engine  0.75-0.91cu.in 2-stroke.  / 1.00-1.25cu.in 4-stroke.
Electric conversion: optional