Reifen AKA Buggy Catapult SuperSoft 1:8 2St

Reifen AKA Buggy Catapult SuperSoft 1:8 2St
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The 1:8 Catapult is engineered to offer a balance of long life and traction on dusty abrasive tracks. The larger lugs keep wear at bay while the "C" shaped treads dig through the dust to find grip. The Catapult found its way to the top of the podium on its first race out with AKA driver, David Ronnefalk, running away with the championship at the 2014 Dirt Nitro Challenge in E-Buggy. They are available in AKA's race proven Super soft, soft, and medium, soft long wear, and medium long wear compounds.


One pair of pre-mounted tires with Red (Soft) inserts and Yellow EVO wheels - Super Soft Compound


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